Co-operatives in Northern Uganda have invited Six Canadian Co-operative Association volunteers to help them measure their enterprises against international standards using CCA’s Development Ladder Assessment Tool (DLA). Follow Linda Archer’s exciting account of their 2-week mission working side-by-side with Ugandan co-operators as they plot the path forward for their co-ops and credit unions. The result is a snapshot of how the co-op is doing - and a set of benchmark scores for measuring progress as they grow their co-operative enterprise.

Monday, 3 December 2012

I just can't get!

Gorilla trekking - a youngster

John and I being presented with honey.  The producers are hoping to export it and hve designed a label for that purpose.

Just hanging with my friend

This is an example of the contrast that exists.  This is Para Lodge which is a high end resort mostly for tourists, complete with  swim up bar.  Compare this to the average homes you've seen in previous pictures. 

Selestino in the one wearing the tie; he's the one looking for a Canadian bride.

The big silverback

The light was green wasn't it?

The whole gang cruising down the Nile to see the falls.

This SACCO is only 6 months old but they have a 3 month action plan.  They don't have a safe yet but Isaac is working to get them one.

We really were that close.

What's all the traffic in the neighbourhood?

presented with a hat made for me by the local HIV/AIDS group

they actually pay to ride on the top of the trucks; this one is a cattle truck.

working together with the board and management

A group photo before we leave.

Anna taking a picture of us taking a picture of her taking a picture of us

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